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We have gone Unicorn Crazy

For a limited time in store, we will have plush unicorn slippers, unicorn Cushions and Unicorn plush toys.

Unicorn Facts –

Have you ever wondered if unicorns might be real? Is this beautiful and majestic creature a reality or just a myth? Studies have shown that this beautiful creature did in fact exist and not just in your imagination. For thousands of years, the unicorn has been seen as a fantasy animal, appearing in fairy tales and mythology, however, fossils have been discovered that prove that they did once exist and whats to say they no longer exist now.  We at Kitty Kat Klothing are sold.

Random Unicorn info – 

  • Unicorns are earthbound and do not have wings
  • Unicorn horns are called Alicorns
  • Unicorns lived in groups of 4 or 5
  • A baby unicorn is called a sparkle  (how cute)
  • According to mythology, whoever touches a pure White Unicorn, will find happiness and joy in their entire life.


Shop now to grab your novelty slippers and toys, we can all use a little of happiness and joy in our lives!




White Unicorn Slippers pair 

 Pink Unicorn